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Lechang Wofu New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wofu New Materials) is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Guangdong Jinbing New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jinbing New Material, Stock Code 838559). It is a state-owned high-tech enterprise located in Dongguan Industrial Transfer Park, Lechang City, Shaoguan. It covers an area of more than 110 mu. The company has mature product formulation, product formula and product code in the field of engineering plastics. Production technology, high-end certification and other intangible assets are the leading new material solution platform in South China. Products are widely used in automobile, household appliances, OA equipment, IT, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, building materials and other industries.
Wofu New Material is a listed company intending to produce globally. It has successfully set up a branch in Malaysia and put into production in September 2018. Wofu New Materials is a high-tech enterprise with outstanding achievements in research, development, production and sales of high-performance engineering plastics modification. Wofu New Material concentrates on the research and development of nylon materials and other engineering plastics based on the concept of green environmental protection and scientific and technological production. Its products include glass fiber reinforced, toughening and cold resistance, bromine flame retardant, halogen-free flame retardant, carbon fiber reinforced, special modification and other series of nylon products, which are widely praised by large and medium-sized injection moulding enterprises.
Wofu New Materials is constantly innovating technology, serving customers in different fields around the world, with many long-term cooperation customers, committed to providing better material solutions. Wofu New Material takes technological innovation as its driving force, pursues high-quality products as its core, and constantly strives for product quality and certification. At present, it has passed the certification of TS16949, IOS9001, FDA/LFGB, ROHS and REACH. Wofu New Materials has been invested in technology for a long time, and has won many national patents. It intends to apply for national high-tech certification. Wofu New Materials has introduced advanced automation production lines and intelligent control systems in the world. It has complete advanced laboratory inspection equipment to ensure the quality, stability and qualified products.
Product as the core, and constantly strive for product quality and certification. At present, the company has 79 UL certified products, which is the most of the domestic modified plastics companies. At the same time, the company has passed the automobile system certification TS16949, quality system certification IOS9001, food certification FDA/LFGB, ROHS, REACH and other certifications. The company has invested heavily in technology for a long time, and has obtained many national patents. At the same time, it is applying for high-tech certification. The company has introduced the world's advanced automation production line and intelligent control system, and has complete advanced experimental inspection equipment to ensure the quality of qualified products.

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